About Us
At Perfect Endings Bakeshop all creations are baked from scratch, using only the freshest, all-natural, and finest ingredients available, like Ghirardelli Chocolates, San Francisco Lemons, Washington Red Apples, California Almonds and Walnuts and Sweet Strawberries from Baguio City.

Jaye V. Viduya who has a deep passion for baking which she further enhanced through her training in San Francisco, California is at the helm of this family-owned and operated business. Operating only the last three years, it is now a renowned provider of the finest cakes and pastries to some of Metro Manila’s top restaurants, private clubs, international schools, and high-end coffee shops.

Some of the Perfect Endings recipes have been handed down, enhanced and perfected over forty years from generation to generation in the Raymundo clan of bakers from Pasig that truly believe in “home made”, and made from scratch cakes.

Known for its fabulous tasting creations and excellent service, it is a motto at Perfect Endings that Perfect Celebrations deserve Perfect Cakes!
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